BIM Might Be Your Magic Wand

BIM Construction Services

Toron presents a basic primer on BIM and its importance in the construction industry. Construction BIM is an essential tool for meeting your project's cost, schedule and communication goals.

To learn more about project management with BIM, take a look at the PDF article " BIM Might Be Your Magic Wand" written by Sam Arabia, CM-BIM.

About the author:

Sam Arabia, CM-BIM, is Manager, BIM Services at Torcon. For more information, please take a look at his profile.

Torcon's Construction BIM Experience:

Torcon’s experience has proven that incorporating BIM into the workflow of a project allows us to find efficiencies, incorporate lean practices, and add value. We can effectively eliminate waste throughout the project with improved information transfer; implementing just-in-time practices; and identifying opportunities for pre-fabrication and modular construction. For more information, take a look at our BIM Technology Services page.