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BIM: Exploring The Process Of Building Information Modeling

BIM is here to stay. It’s a process that has proven value both as a management tool and as a mechanism for delivering efficiencies to project teams. And, as an industry, we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of what BIM can do.

Reprinted from ConstructionTODAY (Published by the General Building Contractors Association of Philadelphia; Fall 2012)

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Technology Producing Efficiency

Clients are moving quickly toward a BIM-based workflow to enhance maintenance operations. CM’s can play a critical role by ensuring building owners receive the information generated by the design and construction BIM process. How can the project team capture those efficiencies?

Reprinted from Environmental Design + Construction (January 2014)

From BIM to BIMf

Building Information Modeling provides great advantages to the project team. So how do we harness the power of BIM technology for utilization by our customers after construction is completed? The answer is Building Information Management for Facilities.

Reprinted from Modern Contractor Solutions (December 2013)

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BIM Might Be Your Magic Wand

A lot has been written about BIM. Still unsure if it’s right for you? Here’s a straight-forward description of why we use BIM and the value it can deliver to your next project.

Reprinted from Project Management, published by PSMJ Resources (March 2013)

PECO Smart Construction Incentives

A program to encourage building designers, developers, engineers and architects to incorporate energy-efficient measures into their designs.

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VPP Mobile Workforce Program

Torcon has been approved by OSHA to participate in its Star VPP Mobile Workforce program on projects in Region 2 (New York and New Jersey) and in Region 3 (Philadelphia Designated Geographic Area).  It demonstrates our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in the construction industry.

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Set to Work

Achieving Early Equipment Start-up during Pharmaceutical Plant Construction

Technology and Efficiency

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Delivers Consistent Results

PECO Smart Equipment Incentives

Small and large businesses, government agencies, non-profits, institutions and multi-unit buildings are all eligible for valuable PECO incentives for energy-efficient design, improvements and equipment upgrades.

NJ Clean Energy Updates

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) has announced updates to their Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs including modifications to the SmartStart program that include reductions or eliminations in incentives for various types of lighting and motor replacements.