About Torcon

About Torcon

Torcon provides construction management and general contracting services to leading corporations and private institutions. 

We were founded in 1965, and today Torcon is one of the largest, most active builders in the mid-Atlantic states, as well as the premier CM in Puerto Rico.

Torcon is ranked among the nation's 80 largest at-risk CMs according to ENR, the industry's leading publication. The company was also named Contractor of the Year in 2013, by ENR New York. Our clients repeatedly select Torcon for their largest and most challenging projects. We have a record of more than $4 billion of construction in the past decade.

Our areas of specialization also include:

  • Biotech & Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Hospital & Healthcare Facilities
  • Academic Buildings
  • Retail & Commercial Centers
  • Office Facilities
  • Airport Facilities

Benedict J. Torcivia, Sr.

Chairman & CEO Company Founder 1929 – 2012

Torcon's founder, Benedict Torcivia, was instrumental in guiding Torcon's growth and in establishing the company's core values of customer service, top management involvement in all projects, and providing technical expertise. Mr. Torcivia graduated from Catholic University in 1951 with a degree in architectural engineering. He began his career in the construction industry as an estimator and expeditor for a large building company, eventually becoming President. In 1965, he realized his vision to create Torcon as a company dedicated to serving corporate clients and private institutions.

Mr. Torcivia served as the company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until his death in 2012. His legacy is evidenced every day by the dedication of Torcon's employees to the success of their projects.