Family and Integrity

During a recent interview with the Philadelphia Business Journal, Torcon Co-President was asked for his essential business philosophy. He replied, “You only have one reputation. Honesty and integrity are more important to me than maximizing profit. It’s a choice we make every day and one of our advantages as a private business.”

Torcon today embodies the very best advantages of a privately-held business. Co-Presidents Ben Torcivia, Jr. and Joe Torcivia are actively involved in day-to-day operations and interact regularly with clients. They are available at all times to address any concerns expressed by our customers. As business owners, they have the unique ability to immediately commit to Torcon and its resources to help our clients and their projects be successful.

Torcon was built according to the vision of founder Ben Torcivia. His legacy is evidenced every day, on each Torcon jobsite, by the company’s employees in their concern for their customers and their dedication to hard work. He instilled an exceptional customer service foundation for the organization, which is still boldly evident today.

An essential lesson of Ben Torcivia has not been lost on the next generation: surround yourself with the best and the brightest, and let them do what they do best. Today, our staff includes more than 40 professionals who have been with the company for 15 years or more. We also recruit from the top engineering schools and have built a talented staff of engineers, superintendents and managers. As a company with a decades-long reputation for performance on the most complex and challenging projects, Torcon is building on the foundation of its past with a focus on the future.

Mr. Torcivia passed away in 2012, as the company’s Chairman and CEO. He saw the value of integrating his two sons, Ben Jr. and Joe, into the business early in their careers. Joe Torcivia: ”My father was my mentor. The construction industry is littered with second-generation business failures. My father founded Torcon and had the wisdom to step aside while still a young man.  His strategy has allowed my brother and me the time we needed to develop as leaders and to grow Torcon into an even more successful company."