Collaboration Portals

Collaboration Portals

BIM Server 

Torcon’s BIM Server supports coordination and collaboration for Torcon projects using Building Information Modeling. Login credentials are required and can be secured from Sam Arabia (, Torcon’s Manager, BIM Services, or your Torcon BIM project team leader. 
To access the BIM Server, please click here.

Prolog Access

Prolog is Torcon’s Construction Project Management software for all projects. Access is provided to the members of Torcon’s project team, as well as clients and the design team. Please refer to your initial account email for individual Login Credentials or contact Torcon’s Project Team Leader for login assistance.
To access the Prolog portal, please click here.

Estimating & Purchasing

Torcon’s Estimating and Purchasing server (FTP) hosts project documents used for developing project estimates, and for subcontractor bidding and procurement. Login credential (user name and password) are required and can be provided by Torcon’s Estimating Manager or Purchasing Manager for each project.
To access the Estimating & Purchasing portal, please click here.