Torcon is tuned in to the unique challenges of commercial facility construction.

Torcon's experience in the construction industry includes a wide range of public-use facilities, such as—

  • Regional Shopping Malls
  • Retail Anchor Stores
  • Hotels
  • Airport Facilities
  • Performing Arts Theaters
  • Parking Structures
  • Conference Centers

Projects of this type are defined by the need for speed and safety, as many of these projects involve work within actively operating environments.

Torcon’s most recent projects include wholesale upgrades of malls and hotels, while maintaining full public access and normal operations. One such project is a recent expansion and upgrade of the Cherry Hill Mall in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Torcon was CM for a phased program incorporating multiple completion deadlines and an aggressive schedule to avoid the critical holiday shopping periods. Torcon has completed similar phase program for hotel customers, such as Fairfield Suites in Atlantic City, and the Marriott Hotel at Newark-Liberty International Airport.

Parking structures are another area of expertise for Torcon. On a recent hospital garage project, the client’s existing facility was determined to be structurally unsound, which required them in utilize a costly valet parking scheme and rent remote lots. Torcon was able to expedite its garage construction to provide beneficial use of the new facility well ahead of schedule—400 spaces seven months early, and the entire 1100 car facility five month early.

Timing is critical to our commercial clients since their income stream does not begin until the doors are open for business, and noise and dust create an inhospitable environment. That’s why Torcon has a demonstrated track record of meeting our client's business objectives while maintaining high quality and cost-containment standards. Our project controls, staff, and safety programs are central to our success in this arena.