American Airlines



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JFK International Airport, New York

June 2008

2.2 million sq. ft. 

Construction Management
Joint Venture

Torcon was CM, in joint venture with VRH Construction, for a major terminal expansion and upgrade program at JFK International Airport for American Airlines. The work encompassed more than 2.2 million square feet of space and created 36 gates for American.

The program replaced all airside and landside facilities, including roadways. The massive project was challenged by the requirement to maintain normal AA operations throughout construction of new terminals and demolition of existing terminals. Additionally, Torcon’s project team maintained intense airport security throughout the project, meeting FAA, Port Authority and Homeland Security requirements. The project’s logistics management program required Torcon to closely manage workforce parking and access to the site; the use of adjacent buildings; construction traffic and deliveries.

The project was managed in four major phases to maintain normal operations in 21 jet gates and 18 commuter craft parking positions throughout construction. The initial three phases were completed as scheduled, culminating in the dedication of Terminal C, a portion of the Main Terminal tunnel, and the western halves of Concourse A and Concourse B.

Under the final project phase, American’s old Terminal 8 facility was closed and demolished, and construction proceeded on the remainder of the Main Terminal and eastern halves of Concourses A and B.

The $60,000,000 network of new roadways includes two-level access to separate arrivals and departure points with up to 1,100 linear feet of curb space. The roadwork element of the project was among the most logistically challenging. The team had to build a network of roads—graded and elevated—that would serve the new Terminal, literally on top of existing roadways that had to remain open and at full capacity.

The new design features four main concourses, three of which extend from a central area and one that is linked via a 760-foot underground connector.  The main terminal has four primary levels. Arrivals, baggage handling, and departures have one each; the fourth is divided among clubs, lounges and offices. 

The main building has a dramatic 57,000 sq. ft. ticketing lobby with 65-ft. high ceilings. It features an undulating roof supported by triangular trusses 600-feet long and 15-feet deep. The trusses are spaced 60-feet apart and have clear spans of 240 feet.

American’s new facility is designed to handle 14 million passengers each year. State of the art baggage handling systems have been installed, as well as an expansive concession and shopping area, with room for 40 restaurants, newsstands and retail.

Passengers benefit from a greatly expanded customs and immigration facility that serve up to 2,400 people each hour, as well as 67 ticketing positions and more than 800-feet of curb at the terminal’s departure level.