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LaGuardia Airport

March 2009

A 336-foot tall tower with  25,000 sq. ft. support facility.

General Contractor

Torcon was responsible for the construction of an Air Traffic Control Tower plus two-story administrative base building with a basement and one-story environmental support building. The administrative base building houses sensitive FAA electronic equipment, monitoring and control systems equipment, administrative office areas, and ancillary support spaces.

Interface with existing airport facilities and required services to support the new construction, including communication, electric, sanitary, storm and water requirements. 

The project consists of a 336-foot tall structural precast concrete ATCT with a 25,000 square foot Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facility constructed of concrete column and beam frame supporting architectural precast concrete siding, a 3,000 square foot Engine Generator Support (ES) Building and a Guard Booth.

In the tower, there are three levels below the control cab which house a break-room, restrooms, a shop, offices, electronic equipment, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, and antennas. There is a penthouse on top of the cab with ground control radar on top of the penthouse.

For security reasons the TRACON building is essentially a two-story building with the bottom floor completely underground. The underground floor is occupied by the radar operations room (TRACON) and associated electronic equipment rooms. The ground floor of the TRACON contains administrative offices, storage, air handlers, and the shipping and receiving area including a loading dock.

The site improvements include grading, drainage, utilities, ductbanks, paving, security fencing, security lights and cameras, guard booth and landscaping. Both the tower and base building have been wind tunnel tested and designed to meet the latest security, seismic, and blast requirements.