Komar NYC

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Jersey City, New Jersey

March 2016

159,000 sq. ft.

Construction Management

Komar is a global organization that designs, markets and distributes numerous clothing brands. The company relocated its headquarters from Manhattan to three full floors in a Jersey City high-rise building. The new offices now facilitate the collaborative culture the company has developed by offering spaces that support the company’s work.

The new space offers extensive daylighting throughout, achieved by keeping offices and meeting rooms on the interior and using an open plan work area. Meeting rooms are located both in open areas adjacent to workstations and in enclosed centralized spaces. Breakout areas offer space for impromptu meetings; design rooms provide pin-up space to facilitate Komar’s design process; and enclosed meeting rooms offer a range of spaces to host clients and buyers.

Komar handles all aspects of product development in this new facility, including design and production of preliminary samples. In addition to office and meeting space, the new facility provides large production studios with more than 100 industrial sewing machines, advanced quality control labs, a model photography studio, and high-density storage of design mock-ups, fabric and thread.

Construction of the new space was completed in just four months, from start to occupancy. Torcon’s staff managed the work using six and seven-day work weeks to accommodate the needs of other tenants in the building. The project included the installation of interconnecting stairways between each of the floors. Torcon also implemented a BIM-based coordination process, beginning with a laser scan of the shell floors, to achieve both fit and the desired appearance in the open-ceiling design.