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Manhattan, NYC, New York

April 1996

Construction Management

Work began with the replacement of locker rooms, resurfacing of the running track and renovation of the aerobics and crew areas. The project required construction of a new mezzanine floor over double-height areas to accommodate glass-walled classrooms, weight training rooms and aerobic studios. Wood flooring in the gym and multipurpose room was replaced and a new HVAC system was installed throughout the building following asbestos abatement.

Torcon also managed the fast-track construction of a campus-wide, inter-connected chilled water loop. The utility program was aimed at providing Columbia with flexibility and lower operating costs. The East Campus loop accommodates three buildings and approximately 600 linear feet of 14“–16“ pre-insulated, double-walled piping. The South Campus loop was approximately 2,000 linear feet of 14“–16“ pre-insulated piping that taps into six buildings. The project also included the renovation of Columbia’s chilled water supply/return piping in the power house.

The infrastructure projects were completed during the university’s summer break to avoid major interruptions during the undergraduate school year. Work required double shifts and seven-day work weeks to meet the deadline. In addition to sidewalks and landscaped plazas, piping installation was completed beneath city sidewalks and streets.