Fairleigh Dickinson University



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Florham Park and Teaneck, New Jersey

September 2003

Over 590,000 sq. ft. on multiple projects.

Construction Management; General Contractor

Torcon has completed projects for Fairleigh Dickinson University at both its Florham Park/Madison and Hackensack/Teaneck campuses. We also completed new dormitory facilities at both sites.

Stadler-Zenner Academic Building
The ground floor also includes a kitchen and dining facilities. The project was completed under a design/build contract to provide more efficient construction and overall project management for FDU. Brick masonry façade with punched windows featuring accent lintels and sills to match the surrounding buildings. Large stone columns from an older building formerly occupying the site were incorporated into the building design.

Dickinson Hall Renovation 
The five-story building was converted to classroom and office use. New facilities include wet labs for biology and chemistry, dry labs, classroom and lecture halls. The phased demolition and construction allowed for early occupancy of public and office areas.

Three University Plaza Office Building
Unique masonry design provides 12 corner offices per floor.

New Student Residence—Teaneck
Construction of a new four-story, 80,000 square-foot residence hall to accommodate 300 students in 150 two-student suites with private bathrooms. The building also provides four student apartments and laundry facilities.

New Student Residence—Florham Park
A five-story, 88,000 square-foot residence hall for 300 students, with five student apartments. Load bearing masonry walls and precast concrete plank flooring. The façade is a brick veneer on masonry backup with a shingle roof over metal trusses.