The Valley Hospital



Torcon, Inc. has been engaged by The Valley Hospital to provide construction management services in order to assist the hospital in completing Energy Conservation Measures as part of Public Service Electric & Gas's (PSE&G) Carbon Abatement Program. This PSE&G initiative is designed to reduce carbon emissions by lowering the energy consumption of hospitals and to provide hospitals with up-front financing for eligible efficiency installations. 

Torcon, Inc's construction management services include consultation and advice, constructability reviews, development and maintenance of a master critical path project schedule, maintenance of a comprehensive logistics plan, procurement of equipment and specialty contractors, and budget refinement and cost control for the selected project. These include the installation of two 350-ton chillers, heat recovery system improvements, occupancy flow controls, and variable frequency drive controls. Additional energy efficiency projects include the installation of high efficiency motors, lighting controls, interior and parking garage lighting retrofits and replacement of CRT to LCD television monitors.