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LOCATION: Belleville, New Jersey

April 2001

Construction Management

Torcon was the Construction Manager for the expansion and renovation of Clara Maass Medical Center’s emergency and ambulatory departments; the rehabilitation services suite; and endoscopy/minor procedure department.

The project was completed in four phases to minimize staff and patient inconveniences and to maintain normal hospital operations.

Under the first phase  of the project, Torcon relocated rehabilitation medicine from the existing emergency department to a converted administration area in another building on the hospital grounds.

Phase two relocated the existing emergency department into the area that rehabilitation medicine had vacated. This proved to be especially challenging, as existing conditions made it difficult to fit new ductwork within the above ceiling space. Torcon led an exhaustive effort to identify and relocate existing utilities. 

Another facet of the second phase was the installation of ductwork through the existing endoscopy suite with no interruptions to the hospital’s endoscopy procedures. A complete redesign to the new lab and radiology areas contributed to scheduling challenges as well.

Phase three relocated the existing endoscopy suite into the area vacated by the emergency department. The renovated area was comprised of parts of three adjacent buildings. Multiple renovations prior to Torcon’s effort made some aspects of mechanical, electrical and plumbing difficult to decipher.

During the final phase of the project Torcon renovated the area previously occupied by endoscopy and created a new pediatrics emergency department.  The client’s aggressive schedule proved to be a significant challenge, although the this phase and all others were completed successfully.

A top priority throughout all construction phases was safety and a concern for patient privacy and patient/family and staff stress.  Much of the work completed by Torcon was also complicated by the need to conduct major construction operations within an active hospital environment. As an example, Torcon renovated the hospital’s same day surgery department while maintaining full departmental operations.  A new OR was also added within an existing sterile procedure area—among active OR’s and post-op recovery.