Boehringer Ingelheim

safety assessment building

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Ridgefield, Connecticut

December 2014

56,000 sq. ft.

Construction Management

Torcon provided comprehensive preconstruction and at-risk construction services for new three-story vivarium at BIPI’s research campus in Connecticut. Focused fully on animal welfare, the 56,000 sq. ft. Safety Assessment Building (SAB) is the embodiment of global best practices into a state of the art large animal vivarium. BI views the SAB is not simply a building, but a venue for fulfilling the company’s responsibilities to the animals in their care. With features such as abundant glass, ample natural light, expanded exercise areas, and complex social housing pens, the facility was designed with both animals and users in mind, creating a more cooperative environment for both animal and human alike.

The new SAB consolidates all non-human primate (NHP) and canine toxicology operations, and was built as an addition to BI’s existing small animal vivarium. The two buildings are functionally aligned, with connecting halls and doorways at all levels.  The SAB features a dedicated NHP dock and mechanical equipment rooms on two levels. The primary animal floor is 42,000 sq. ft., with a central support core that includes cage processing, food storage/prep, a surgical suite, lockers, housekeeping, storage and a prep lab.

The SAB’s innovative design incorporates an open group housing/socialization pen that introduces natural light. Rather than traditional cages, canines are housed in large, floor-mounted pens with access to daylight and exercise areas, including a large dog-run.

The Safety Assessment Building is built to European standards and provides daylight into holding rooms through windows, glass partitions and an expansive system of skylights. It exceeds the Council of European Guidelines for Accommodation and Care of Animals, and the U.S. NRC Guide for Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.