Bristol-Myers Squibb Company



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Manati, Puerto Rico

November 2007

190,000 sq. ft. 

Construction Management

Torcon provided CM services for a new 190,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility at BMS’ Manati site. The Parenteral Manufacturing Center (PMC) was initially constructed as a two “cell” design, with each cell a self-contained, multi-story sterile formulation and filling operation feeding into a common packaging line. Torcon installed four 380 sq. ft. lyophilizers to support production operations. The facility was designed to allow for eventual expansion to four cells.

Filling-finishing operations in PMC occurred on the second floor, with actual open processes contained with proven barrier technology.  Each cell has its own process equipment train consisting of formulation tanks, vial washer, dry sterilization tunnel, filler, capper, and external vial washer. Design throughput for vial filling is 300 vials per minute with sizes ranging from three to  one hundred milliliters. Some vials pass through a lyophilizer to produce a dry product with increased shelf life.

Utility systems reside on the first floor of the facility and are, for the most part, dedicated to the fill area they serve. Utilities include USP water; water for injection; clean steam; and three gases—carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen.   Similarly, air handler systems on the third floor are dedicated to individual cells.

The filled and sealed vials produced upstairs travel to the common packaging area on the newly renovated first floor. This area features state-of-the-art packaging equipment such as automatic inspection systems, labelers, check weighers and cartoners. As necessary, product and/or raw material cartons will be stored in a fully automated/refrigerated warehouse with automatic retrieval capability.