Rutgers University


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Newark, NJ

May 2008

30,000 sq. ft.

Construction Management

Rutgers University received funds from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to build a regional biocontainment laboratory whose focus is research on diseases caused by agents of bioterrorism and newly emerging infectious diseases.

The new facility was built at the International Center for Public Health (ICPH) in University Heights Science Park in Newark, and is the third such facility in Newark.
Torcon was selected as Construction Manager for this project, following up with the facilities original construction of the ICPH site in 2001.

The laboratory is a freestanding, 34,700 GSF, two-story facility with a Mechanical Room at the Penthouse level. The addition includes over 8,000 sq, ft. of BioSafety Lab-3 vivarium and support space; 2,500 sq. ft. of BioSafety Lab-3 space and 3,750 sq. ft. of BioSafety Lab-2 space; plus expansion to operating research facility, the International Center for Public Health. Additionally the project includes building support, offices, storage and loading areas.

Since the facility must comply with NIH guidelines, all infrastructure systems related to the RBL require an N+1 level of redundancy and surplus system capacity that preclude expansion of the existing ICPH systems.

The construction of the new laboratory in Newark creates one of the largest focal points of containment space for pathogen-based research in the country. Infectious diseases researchers at New Jersey Medical School are key players in the Northeast BioDefense Center, a consortium of research and public health organizations. The consortium’s mission is to provide the region and nation with practical solutions to the public health threats emanating from both bioterrorism and emerging infectious diseases.