Customer Focus

Partnership Produces Efficiency, Cost-Savings and Success for Automaker

Custom, right-size services achieve positive outcomes and drive results

Like all businesses, Mercedes-Benz USA is seeking ways to operate more efficiently without sacrificing performance or quality. This is true even outside the company’s core business. A good example is how Mercedes-Benz approaches its construction management needs: Over the past three years, Torcon has collaborated with Mercedes-Benz on more than a half-dozen construction management projects at six locations in three states, from New Jersey to California. In each case, the level of support the client required was different, and Torcon Management Services (TMS) was able to adapt and excel.

Mercedes-Benz relies on TMS for a full range of professional services, from budget and schedule development to project planning and construction administration. TMS was established in 2007 for customers like Mercedes-Benz that need cost-effective, flexible staffing, with a high level of service from proven Torcon professionals. A core headquarters-based team provides project management, engineering, accounting, and other functions for multiple client projects in support of appropriately-sized field-based staff.

By adapting our delivery approach to address the needs of clients like Mercedes-Benz on a project-by-project basis, we provide an attractive service solution that delivers efficient operations, professional resources, and a high level of performance. We’re ideally suited to meet customers’ goals and maintain focus because of our flexible structure and unique ability to engage immediately.

Case in point: For a renovation program at the Mercedes-Benz U.S. headquarters in Montvale, N.J., the challenges were considerable—demolishing and reconfiguring an existing dining facility totaling 10,500 square feet, meeting tough logistical requirements, and maintaining tight cost control. The work required that TMS provide comprehensive construction management services to develop a fast-track approach that shortened the overall schedule and minimized disruptive work during the client’s work day. TMS ultimately delivered a high-quality facility consistent with Mercedes’ image and objectives. Torcon provided similar services for a 50,000-square-foot vehicle preparation facility for two dealerships owned by Mercedes-Benz of Manhattan. As construction manager, the group was able to meet the project’s demanding schedule and also address the critical technical aspects of the job, such as the installation of Mercedes’ specialty auto body equipment.

For other projects, the needs were different: Mercedes-Benz didn’t require a construction manager, but instead, project management assistance. For example, when Mercedes-Benz purchased the Sprinter Van model line, it was unable to accommodate the larger vehicles in its three regional maintenance and training facilities. TMS provided design/build services to quickly resolve the problem. The team operated as an extension of the client’s organization, making design adjustments as needed in the field and regularly reported progress to the corporate facilities group, while achieving the client’s budget and schedule targets.

Similarly, TMS has provided project management oversight for a series of upgrades for Mercedes-Benz in several buildings at its headquarters complex. The work covered everything from lavatory and fire protection improvements to a comprehensive facility evaluation study. Mercedes was confident in TMS’ ability to carry out the work in an efficient and flexible fashion.

The unique business model presented by TMS has proved to be highly attractive to other clients as well. That’s because TMS is able to tailor its services for each project, recognizing that construction management services packaged in traditional contract formats do not always fit customer requirements. This approach helps TMS drive innovation and cost-savings, while allowing us to maintain a high level of performance.

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