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Energy Updates

NJ Clean Energy Updates

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) has announced updates to their Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs including modifications to the SmartStart program that include reductions or eliminations in incentives for various types of lighting and motor replacements.

NY-Sun Initiative Expanded

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced in early January 2013 the expansion of the NY-Sun Initiative, which helps to fund solar energy projects throughout the state. An additional $150 million per year will be added to the program each year for the next ten years. The NY-Sun Initiative is aimed at providing additional certainty to solar developers, attracting significant public investment in solar PV, creating additional jobs, improving electric grid reliability, and reducing overall air pollution.

PECO Smart Construction Incentives

A program to encourage building designers, developers, engineers and architects to incorporate energy-efficient measures into their designs.

PECO Smart Equipment Incentives

Small and large businesses, government agencies, non-profits, institutions and multi-unit buildings are all eligible for valuable PECO incentives for energy-efficient design, improvements and equipment upgrades.