BIM: Exploring The Process Of Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling - Torcon

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is no longer on the horizon or around the corner; it's here!

BIM has fulfilled what everyone has predicted over the years.

Those who do not adapt to the demand for Construction BIM will find themselves at both a performance and competitive disadvantage.

Torcon is committed to maintaining a lead role in the ongoing evolution of BIM and to expanding its use to better serve its customers and to manage projects more effectively and efficiently.

For additional information and answers to key questions about BIM, take a look at the full article " BIM: Exploring The Process Of Building Information Modeling" which was published in the GBCA's ConstructionTODAY.

About the Author:

Sam Arabia, CM-BIM, Director, BIM Services, establishes and implements standards for all Torcon's BIM projects, including set-up, oversight, staffing and support of 3D coordination. To learn more about Sam, please take a look at his full profile page.

Torcon BIM Technology Services:

Torcon is aggressive in using BIM construction on all projects, from preconstruction through construction, turnover and closeout. For additional details, please take a look at our BIM services page.