Incorporating BIM into Facilities Management

Torcon Facilities Solutions in partnership with ARCHIBUS had the honor of a feature presentation  at the IFMA World Workplace Expo in New Orleans this past September.  

The topic of the presentation was " Incorporating BIM into Facilities Management”.  This standing room only session was attended by well over 75 people, from all over the country, looking to increase the efficiency of their organization.  We discussed the turnover of a BIM model  post construction, the values of current as-built documents, ARCHIBUS integration, and the value of secure cloud-based model hosting.  A lively question and answer period followed.  The presentation covering topics such as these:

  • “I have a BIM model but don’t know what to do with it”
  • “How does ARCHIBUS link to a REVIT model?”
  • “How can I use a BIM model if I don’t have Revit?”
  • “ How can I bring my as-built documents up to date?”

Torcon Facilities Solutions is planning upcoming web-ex sessions to continue these discussions and many more.  Contact us at to find out more information and a schedule for BIM-based, e-learning web-ex session.