Torcon Participates in National Safety Stand-Down Day

Torcon recently commemorated OSHA's National Safety Stand-Down Day at several of its job sites, including two of its largest projects, Holly Pointe Commons at Rowan University, and Bristol-Myers Squibb's Princeton Pike project in Lawrence Township, NJ. These events were run in conjunction with the Associated Construction Contractors of New Jersey (ACCNJ).

Organized around a catered lunch, more than 300 workers at each of the sites heard safety presentations from Torcon Corporate Safety Director Michael Hennebery, Executive Director of Operations at ACCNJ Jill Shiff, and OSHA Area Director Paula Dixon Roderick.

Although jobsite safety is a constant focus on every project, construction continues to be a dangerous profession. The primary goal of OSHA's Safety Stand-Down is to speak directly to workers to remind them that safety pays, but injuries cost. The program highlights the importance of planning for safety and providing proper training. Because using the right equipment is essential, Torcon invited more than one dozen vendors to interact with the group through operational safety demonstrations of innovative new tools that facilitate greater safety on the job site.

The ACCNJ has created a video, featuring Torcon staff, to highlight the nature and magnitude of the event and more importantly, to provide evidence of how well events like this reinforce to the workers our commitment to their safety on our jobsites. Watch it now.