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Torcon is an organization whose growth and success has been based on performance. The company has been chosen by satisfied clients to manage major construction projects throughout the eastern United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. At the request of a longtime client with a critically important project, Torcon began operations in Puerto Rico in 1998. Torcon, today, maintains a full-service office in Guaynabo and is one of the most active builders on the island—consistently ranking among the top five CM’s by Caribbean Business.

Since 1998, Torcon has completed more than 70 preconstruction and construction assignments for clients in Puerto Rico. The projects range in size up to $150,000,000 and encompass pharmaceutical manufacturing, process and laboratory expansions, new construction and renovations of hospitals, and commercial and energy efficiency programs. An overview of our local experience follows.

San Jorge Children's Hospital

Additions & Renovations Program

Pfizer, Inc.

Piperacillin Master Plan Production Expansion

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Parenteral Manufacturing Center

Mennonite General Hospital

Expansion & Renovation in Cayey

Additional Torcon Experience in Puerto Rico


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Over the past 14 years, Torcon worked extensively with Pfizer at six of its sites in Puerto Rico. Our most recent projects include—

  • Fast-Acting Ibuprofen Project — Renovation of 7,400 sq. ft. of active OSD manufacturing space at the Guayama site. The project added dry granulation and continuous table coating processes (blending, roller compaction, tablet compression and branding).
  • PNS Program in Barceloneta and Guayama — Pfizer’s Plant Network Strategy (PNS) was an ambitious facility consolidation program implemented to optimize Pfizer’s manufacturing and packaging operations. Torcon provided comprehensive construction management services for PNS-related projects at two sites, including planning, budget and schedule development, and construction-phase project administration. The Barceloneta program encompassed modifications to building HVAC systems, personnel/material flows, and architectural finishes to meet EU regulatory requirements. In addition, a new OEB 4/5 high containment manufacturing area for solid dosage products was constructed in an area that was formerly used for packaging. The processing areas include weighing/dispensing, blending and tablet compression rooms. The Guayama program consisted of four projects: Weighing and Dispensing Area Upgrade; DS Manufacturing Area Expansion; Packaging Area Expansion; and a Microbiology Lab Relocation.
  • COPPOR Project — In Caguas, Torcon built a new 60 ft.-high, two story annex connected to an existing bulk staging area to house a process manufacturing suite for high containment products using a blending system.

Learn more about Torcon's work on the Pfizer, Inc. Piperacillin Master Plan Production Expansion.


BMS is a long-time Torcon client with whom we’ve worked at multiple campuses in New Jersey and in Puerto Rico. In addition to the company’s Parenteral Manufacturing Center in Manati, Torcon has been construction manager for several important BMS projects on the island—

  • Torcon has been a member of the BMS team for a Strategic Capital Program at the company’s site in Humacao.
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    The project was aimed at providing a second manufacturing center for key BMS products, to help meet market demand and to also pick up additional volume in the event of a catastrophic event at another plant (business continuity). The project encompassed a new 70,000 sq. ft. dedicated product commercialization cell to accommodate the entire process, from pharmacy weight and dispensing areas to tablet printing areas; modifications of an existing two-story OSD building to mitigate cross contamination risk through the addition of airlocks for people and material; facility and HVAC modifications to an existing product manufacturing facility to accommodate another manufacturing process; and installation of a centralized back-up power system with the capacity to run BMS’ entire operation during any power outage event.

Torcon’s provided full preconstruction services for all four components of the Strategic Capital Program. We also provided procurement support for Site Emergency Generators and subcontractor trade packages;  and procurement support for early trade packages and long-lead equipment purchases for the manufacturing expansion. Torcon also mobilized to the Humacao site to provide construction supervision the expansion’s early trade packages, including site work, foundations and steel.

  • Biologics Packaging Project — Torcon was the CM for the demolition of an old parenteral manufacturing area at the Manati site and for the construction of a new cleanroom “ballroom-style” inspection room for biologic products. The work included renovation of packaging rooms for new equipment; installation of a new air handling unit and associated BAS controls; and modifications to the purified water loop, and compressed air, fire protection and electrical systems.
  • Par Lyo/Compendial Water Project — Expansion
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    and modification to several parenteral manufacturing suites in Manati, including component prep, the marshalling area, and offices. Torcon Installed a new lyophilizer and other equipment, and five new AHUs (three with dehumidifiers). The work scope included segregation of the existing primary purified water loop from the Par-Lyo water system and adding new purified water generation systems for each secondary loop.


Torcon has been working with Johnson & Johnson in Puerto Rico since 2004 at both the Manati and the Las Piedras sites. We most recently provided preconstruction services for a strategic master plan program that focused on a Manufacturing Addition and Renovation project in Las Piedras. The program encompassed the construction of a new four-story building addition for granulation and weighing functions, as well as the renovation of existing space for a new central compression suite, improved locker and gowning areas, upgraded and expanded warehouse space, and a new central corridor. Torcon also provided procurement support to J&J for all process/manufacturing equipment.


Torcon was the CM for Amgen’s AML-23 Sensipar Manufacturing Facility in Juncos. The project included renovation of an existing building to create a new oral solid dose (OSD) manufacturing operation—the only OSD facility in Amgen’s global network. The manufacturing suite was constructed using a modular cleanroom system with walkable ceilings and features a granulation train skid, tablet compression & coating, weighing, dispensing and cleaning.


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Torcon’s most recent experience in Puerto Rico also includes a hormone manufacturing facility expansion for Warner Chilcott in Fajardo. The project expanded and renovated an existing manufacturing facility to convert it to solid dosage hormone manufacturing. The new facility provides space for product weighing, blending, drying, and compression. Torcon’s work scope included the installation of mechanical, electrical, and process support equipment including AHU’s, dust collectors, DI water skid, and a solvent storage/transfer system.