Torcon Energy Services

Torcon Energy Services (TES) develops, designs, manages, constructs, and operates sustainable energy solutions for both private and public facilities. Overseeing a team of financing, engineering and contracting strategic partners who are experts in the energy field, TES offers all-inclusive sustainable energy solutions.

TES's strategy for sustainable energy solutions is a comprehensive, whole-building approach that provides energy savings on both the supply of energy as well as its usage. This approach addresses both sides of a facility's energy meter and leads to long-term savings. Our ability to both understand and couple current federal and state energy-based incentive programs allows our clients a more affordable project with a quicker return on investment.


Primary Services

Torcon Energy Services provides comprehensive project management for a variety of sustainable energy projects from concept through construction, with the ultimate goal of reducing customers' energy costs.

Torcon's expertise covers all aspects of solar PV, from development to ownership and operation.

Torcon's CM resources and expertise help customers reduce energy usage, from identifying opportunities and funding, to managing work in the field.

Energy Resources

Torcon's Energy Links highlight third party websites with constructive energy information.

Torcon's Energy Updates highlight useful energy regulatory tips and a wide range of issues impacting the construction industry.