Torcon Facilities Solutions

Torcon Facilities Solutions expands Torcon’s services to support our customers’ facility maintenance needs through the application of BIM technology with Autodesk Building Ops 

BIM has become an important management tool in the construction industry, and Torcon’s BIM services group has grown to meet the needs for BIM on its projects. Through the creation of Torcon Facilities Solutions, we leverage our building experience, our BIM resources, and our expertise to help clients manage their facilities through the entire life cycle. This new service enables clients to utilize the BIM tools developed through the construction process in their ongoing facilities maintenance efforts. An essential part of our services is our ability to work with your building information regardless of which FM system you use. 

There have been undeniable changes in the way work gets done. The widespread use of mobile computing has fundamentally changed the way we access information and communicate.

TFS has adapted to meet the needs of today’s connected workforce. People today are accustomed to accessing information on smartphones, tablets and their computers— when they want it, wherever they are. TFS can deliver that same level of responsiveness and portability to the professional needs of our facility manager clients and technicians.TFS has worked closely with Autodesk for many years and is excited to be an implementation partner of Autodesk Building Ops—a mobile-first asset and maintenance management solution that helps dramatically improve the handover experience. The combination of TFS and Building Ops presents a truly affordable solution that puts operations data collected during the BIM-based design and construction phases of a project into the hands of the team maintaining the building on day one.

BIMf ® is a service that will readily harness the power of CAD and BIM-based documents to deliver

significant cost savings and operating efficiencies. Our highly specialized team can utilize the BIMf® process and your information, whether currently in house or gathered during construction, to create a system that is easily learned and easy to use. TFS presents a solution that will improve the productivity and efficiency of your facility management teams.  

If you’re a building owner and are interested in learning how Torcon can develop a BIM-based FM solution for you or if you simply want to learn more about Torcon’s BIMf® service, please contact Sam Arabia at To see how Torcon can help you be more efficient or to get started with your program, contact us today!

TFS is now a proud partner of Autodesk Building Ops! To learn more about this exciting new system, please visit their website here:   

Torcon Upgrades its Laser Scanning Technology

Torcon’s BIM group is proud to announce an upgrade to state-of-the-art equipment: a FARO Focus 3D Laser Scanner! This high-definition device provides fast and accurate 3D measurement of spaces, which are used on virtual design and BIM projects. Laser scanning is an efficient method of generating incredibly detailed data about existing facility conditions and as-built construction. The enhanced, high resolution images produced by laser scanning enables us to quickly produce precise model-based images of those conditions for use by our project teams.

Check out this sample video to see the level of detail generated by the Focus 3D laser scanner.

For more information about Torcon’s laser scanning and BIM services, please contact Sam Arabia, Director, BIM Services, at 732-704-9800 x227 or