Torcon Management Services

Torcon's Management Services group was established for customers that require cost-effective, flexible staffing. Our headquarters-based team provides project management, engineering, accounting, and other services in support of multiple simultaneous projects.

The Management Services group focuses on services where traditional staffing approaches are not responsive to project requirements. In many cases, project management, engineering and accounting functions can be shared across multiple projects. This flexible staffing capability cost effectively gives clients Torcon services suited to meet their unique needs.

TMS has earned a reputation for professionalism, performance and value among clients such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer, Atlantic Health and Mercedes-Benz. Each client receives customized services, as required, to support their project needs.

Torcon Management Services provides a full range of construction management services, as well as offering al a carte preconstruction services, design/build and small project management. TMS also offers clients the flexibility to make highly-focused service choices, so you’ll get exactly the support you need.