Small Project Management

Torcon's primary value proposition to its clients is its ability to provide only those services you need, economically and efficiently. In many instances, our range of services is more traditionally full-service CM, but with a reduced staffing level. This approach is particularly appropriate for smaller projects that don't require a full-time project team on site. Torcon is able to manage such projects with part-time project managers and centrally-located shared support staff for most other areas to supplement our on-site project superintendent. By utilizing seasoned Torcon managers and engineers, this approach is effective in delivering projects within the project's cost, schedule, quality and safety goals.


Preconstruction Services

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As one of the nation's leading construction managers, Torcon offers clients world-class services and capabilities. Those same resources and staff are engaged in many of the projects provided by TMS. Estimates and schedules are developed with the same experienced professionals who have helped Torcon establish its outstanding record of performance.

Many clients wish to utilize Torcon's expertise to contribute during the design phase, helping to establish budgets for funding requests, or develop comprehensive documents for lump sum bidding. TMS can deliver a comprehensive range of cost control and schedule control services that include budget development, estimating, trending analysis, value engineering and design review. We also participate in design meetings to ensure the accuracy of our estimates by capturing design intention and elements that haven't been fully detailed in the drawings. Our staff also lends it expertise to the project development process, making recommendations, highlighting alternative systems or materials, or providing responsive cost and schedule information that help the team make choices without delaying the design effort.

As with all TMS services, clients can utilize only those services they require. Our preconstruction involvement may also include some aspects of purchasing, such as bidder prequalification, bid list development and creating bid packages.

CM Services

Torcon Management Services offers its clients a full range of construction management services, all geared toward ensuring the success of your project. We provide incisive cost control through detailed estimates, value engineering and design review, as well as intelligent subcontractor procurement and project management. Our project controls program is highly sophisticated and effective, but is also adaptable to client requirements and project needs. Torcon's construction phase services ensure total control of all activities at all times.

The foundation of our CM services is the involvement of seasoned Torcon professionals at all stages, utilizing the company's proven services and procedures. TMS is not a small start-up; it is Torcon finding new ways to leverage its resources for the benefit of our customers.


Focused Services

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Torcon realizes some clients do not need a full scope of construction management services for their projects. TMS provides a comprehensive menu of services to our customers, and makes those services available to our customers on an "as needed" basis. You retain the utility and resources of a full-service construction management firm—but with the ability to pick and choose how you'd like to utilize our expertise.

When you utilize Torcon professionals as your agency, we can represent you to stakeholders, consultants and contractors. Using this approach, we hold the contract and you get access to our expertise and support staff for your construction initiatives. It all depends on what you need.

Our involvement can include serving as an engineer or architect, coordinating permitting, directing project budgets, or simply monitoring job progress. With each collaboration, we leverage our extensive technical knowledge to make sure your project achieves the Torcon-level of quality and is completed to your specifications.


Fixed Price GC

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Torcon prides itself on consistently delivering competitive pricing on all its projects by maintaining an active involvement in the lump sum general contracting side of the business. For almost 50 years, GC work has comprised between 20% and 45% of our workload. Our range of lump sum experience is expansive, encompassing relatively small projects to massive bid competitions for government agencies. We're comfortable managing project risk and adept at working with the trade contractor community to deliver value to our customers. As with all Torcon projects, we consistently deliver lump sum contracts with outstanding quality and safety performance, and with a focus on cost and schedule control.



TMS offers clients the specific services they need to meet their circumstances and project objectives. Today's economic conditions translates to leaner client organizations and more efficient management processes—which are the advantages inherent in the design/build approach to project delivery. TMS can provide single-source control for clients, allowing us to assemble and manage the design team and keep the project moving ahead. As with all Torcon's services, construction delivery is the client's choice—lump sum, GMP or cost-plus, to allow you to manage risk and stay informed.


With Torcon's involvement on your team, you can be confident your project planning and execution are in good hands.